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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Devil cat!

Arg! so I have been trying to get back my cat cuddles from my dads sp they wont have to deal with her scratching anymore. So I payed twenty bucks for these softpaws things, they are like caps for the nails that last 4 to 6 weeks. Well, I have a few sets that will last four to six months. Well, I haden't seen her since the begining of December, so I knew she wouldn't be happy that I came back to take her and be rid of her claws. Well, i got the spupid things on her around fivish yesterday, and I brought her back to my place in gilbert, but she has to stay in my room. She hasen't stopped hissing at me since yesterday, and its driving me nuts. She has been hiding in my closet and just growling and hissing at me. Its driving me nuts. the only thing I am afraid of is her fangs, I wish I put those things on her fangs, just messing. The only reason why I wanted that cat back in because I have had her since my parents divorce, and I couldn't just let her go to any old family, or put in the pound. so over the course of two years I have found people that were so nice enough to take her in while I come in and feed her and what not. Now that heathin cat is so pissed at me that she wouldn't come out of the closet, not even to eat! So I finally grabbed her by the back of the neck while she tried to claw me with the claws she doesn't have anymore, and I kind of tossed her away from me so she wouldn't grab hold of me with her fangs and kick me with her still existant hind claws. Oh she is getting me so fired up, waking me up in the middle of the night just hissing at me. I am ready to throw her out in the rain. But I will wait and see how long it will take for her to allow me to pet her. EeK!


At 8:16 AM, Blogger Luke said...

Hey Sarah! I told you that cat was the devil right? Remember when it shredded my arm!? Sure I deserved it, but that's beside the point!

Nah, I know what you mean about being attached to her, no matter how evil she is...

anyway, I agree with your view on the dream interpretation deal...but who knows, maybe they were all spiritual dreams? I think we have to be open minded about that kind of stuff...who knows, maybe God is doing something know what I mean?

Well, I hope things are relatively well...Things are still busy here...

Talk to ya later.

At 7:55 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

She has settled down now, lovin' on me and all. She can't claw anyone anymore though. I put the softpaws nail caps on her nails so she can't hurt anyone or anything. And you did diserve it dawg.

I understand people want to know their dreams mean something, but goodness, sometimes its too far. Anyone can make a meaning of someones dream(s). My pops and I made up a lot of dreams and found a hidden spiritual meaning in all of them, but that doesn't mean it was supposed to mean anything in the first place. I know what you mean, but It still doesn't sound right to me.
Maybe I am not mentally on board with the whole idea yet.


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