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Thursday, April 20, 2006

deaming another future

I had a dream lastnight that has kept me thinking all morning. I had a dream that it was the future, and we had another holocost type of thing going on. Only it wasn't about the jews, had nothing to do with religion. It was the law, you couldn't have children unless the government said you could. They killed all the children you had that was against the law. So me and a few other kids were trying to hide, running through the woods to get away from the police and their guns. Orders are if a child disobays the law then they are shot down, if they are an illegal child, they are either shot on sight or put in a camp where they work until they are put in a chamber of poisonous gas. While my friends and I were running we found a small two story cottage that was owned by an kindly old woman. We ran inside and asked for help, there had been a whole platoon of men in their uniforms and guns holstered around their shoulders. They were looking for us. Had been for days now. She took us through the house to a dresser, she was able to peel off the side wood placement and showed us a hidden room. One by one each of us crawled in that room, trying to be silent in case they came in without us knowing it. Had no way of knowing for sure how far behind they were from us, all we knew was they were close enough to have our heads on their wall. There was this musky smell that never left since this had all began some years back, so stuffy that it was hard to breath. As we crowtched on the floor of the hidden room, our breaths grew sharper, old resting dust rolled their way into the air with our emptying air. Then a sound arose I looked through the cracks in the floor, peering down I saw the commander bombarding in, his heavy boots shook the floor each time they landed flat on the floor. He questioned the woman as several other soldiers came in, shotguns still slung about their shoulders, and small, yest powerfull, pistols holstered at their sides on thick leather belts. They were Americans. Since the war had begun, the new ruling had set in, countries invaded other countries, mixing cultures and guns. These men were germans. Cigar smoke rose to our noses, it smelt ten times better then the old blood painted streets that were never cleans. the worst time was when it rained, the bloods smell would rise and reawaken, chocking fearful travelers to a point of nearly passing out. The men searched the house, and then they came to the room the hidden door was in. The commander had already flung his cigar away, now he was smelling the air, a hint of suspision. Then agrin curled at the end of his mouth, he could smell us. But he played cool, telling his ment we weren't in there. And as they started to leave he said facing the door, yet was directed toward me, "Haha, I finally found you." Then he stepped out of the room, and left in their cars, soem men walked. Confusion no doubt swept over our faces, it was obvious there was something we were missing. When the lady came back and said it was all clear, we rustled our of the hiding place, thanked her for her mercy, and ran out the door. There was a dozen old and beaten up tractors that were a hundred yard away from the house. As we ran up tp them we heard weird rawring sounds fromt he woods, it was a machine, no doubt the butcher collecting himeself some animals. Thats when hundres of sheep came running out of the dences woods and straight past us, then running back out of the clearing and back into the woods. We were able to grab of them, and set him on the tractor. He could be useful for the wool, and maybe lateron for food. This was desparate times, thoughts of harming animals for food didn't come to mind anymore, it was all just survival. We jumped on the tractor, all three of us. And Made our way through the hidden paths of a dense future.

What a dream huh?


At 2:13 PM, Blogger Luke said...

crazy scary!


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