Broken Sea Glass

Monday, April 03, 2006

Drowning in the Foggy Mind

What has happened here? Through thick clouds and high waters the surface will never be breached. Not like in the mind. To the cliff I say, dive down, rise up. The solution to a perfect ending in that of a troubled mind. The whispering of so many voices, if only they could hear them aswell. But no, they are ignorant. They don't listen because they don't want to believe. Save me not to work your name about the papers, not to be remembered as a hero of your people. But save me because your heart bids you to. To the south is the sun, and the north is the night, with your complications the earth has recided off its axle. Never again will life exist in here nor there. Just send the peace that was taken from us, give it back as one last farewell. For in the end, a good final breath is better then short struggle in resistance.


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