Broken Sea Glass

Friday, June 30, 2006

"No shadow to look back at, just a blank stare."

Well, I think I can now find some sort of will to write something. But no promises. Overcasts are the worst type of weather update I can ever get in Arizona. I can't stand them, honestly, they are always humid days and burns the flesh without you even noticing the crime going on. ARG, haha. More bad dreams, always have to have those terrifying dreams where your trying to drive home and then there are cops surounding the area, a murderer is in out myts. And, ofcourse, me being stubburn, I find my way driving through the cops, breakingmany laws, because I just want to go home and eat my food and watch a movie. And it just so happens that the killer is in my home. Blood is scortched everywhere, and then... well, I can't remember, but I think thats when he jumps out and kill me. Ha.
No news on Jeremiahs head, not sure whats going on with that, I think he just put it aside to deal with later. Isn't that just the smartest thing you have ever heard? Ireland is comming up, I am excited about that, yippy. I might be going out later to look for new shoes, but not sure yet. Have to go, dads cat is meowing for a lap to lay on. HAha


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