Broken Sea Glass

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


I found this picture funny, was sent from a friend. It still makes me laugh, even though I feel bad for the kid, well I kind of feel bad anyways. Well, I stayed home sick today, did some chores that my mom wanted me to do, watched a Nights Tale, and tried to get soem sleep. Apperently I am suffering from a flu, I had to ask George exactly hwta are the syptems of a flu and thats me allright. Stuffy nose, major headache, a stomach that is rolling around in rocks, harsh needles by the thousands piercing the backs of my eyes, and my body is so sore. I think my body is the worst part about it, I hurts even to shift a little. Oh the pain! The agany!
Well, all is well for the time being. I am very upset that youth is being closed until January, apperently this is so so the youth can spend more time with their families for the holidays. Youth is the highlight of my week, now what am I supposed to do? Well, I have been playing the first halo (Been a while so I am a little rusty, but I must say I am freaking good, haha) Well, I can say, I am realy good compared to my dad, Jeremiah, George, and Georges family. Whahaha! Ok, so I am a gamer type of person. But what I really want to get is the new fallout. Or atleast one of the fallouts. I beat the first one a dozen times over and am anxious to see the new... er.... later ones. I will have to look in on that. A lot of my friends don't even know what fallout is! Can you believe that!? Oh the torture, allmost had a hard attack when they said they didn't know what I was talking about, almost did anyways.
My english teacher had been out for a couple of weeks, so yesterday when I went in the class during lunch (I have her right after lunch) well I went there with three of my friends so two of them could drop off their stuff. I personally like to keep my backpack with me wherever I am, so I didn't want to drop it off yesterday. Well, my friend Lyn was nagging me to put down my stuff and I would, she got me so frustrated I said "I am not going to put my crap down!" Thats when I got in trouble. You see, your not allowed to say crap or sucks in that class, not even if it is only lunch. So I spend my lunch, part of my biology class and twenty minutes at home writing up "I will not say crap in Miss Mccauleys class" a hundred times. Too me a total of probably 50 minutes to write it. So tomarrow I will have to turn it in. I find that very humerious indeed. Ok, my head is rolling and my fever feels like it went up ten degrees so I am going to go and try to catch some shut eye.

Thursday, November 24, 2005


Well, I guess Thanksgiving was allright. There was a lot of laughs, but in the end it all just depressed me. I would rather not go into detail because that just wouldn't be fair on other peoples parts. Lets just say someone said something so idiotic that is sent someone else into a fiery frenzy. And in the end there were a lot of fake smiles. But over all, I am just in a very depressed mood and feel like going for a walk, but it is 11:30, so it's not like I can. There is this stupid system that seems like it can't be deprogrammed where everytime a door opens it says "Beep beep beep, back door, open" Or whatever door it is that opened anyway, and since everyone is asleep ::gags:: ok, so they aren't asleep, up and all. But I think I would get in a little trouble if I up and left. So... I am stuck in this mood until I fall asleep, and sleep might not come that easily, but I don't think I want it to come so easily. Rather stay up and be dead tired then go to sleep and await whatever tripped out dream that will come. Well, anything new? I think not, well, not really. A couple kids at my school, okay! Its just one kid, but he wants me to cut my hair so short. And I'm like, how bout I don't and say I didn't? I would feel so naked without my long hair. Which it has grown every long since I just it just above my shoulder three years ago. I love it. Oh shnaps, I am talking about my hair.... what kind of freak am I? This school really is taking control with it's prepy kids with their rich parents that gives them their cell phones and cars. They really are rich snobs, a mahority of them anyway. But there are a few kids I have met there that are pretty awsome. A month after knowing two girls and they envited me to go to the movies with them and spend the night at their house. I am getting less shy, just to let ya'all know. I am being more talkative and am attempting this whole "choice" thing I have when it comes to getting food. Usually I just copy what everyone else gets, but now I am trying to... expand my harizens, which is freaking sweet. Ok, time for me to hang out in my room and play my emo music. Haha, which is yellowcard. I don't even like them, they are too energetic and depressing. Thats why I call it my emo music, when I am not in the best of moods(which seems like an every day occurance now) I put in the cd and kick back against my bed. Just thinking. A lot of thinking now adays.
Ok, Peace dawgs.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

One minute, it can't kill you.

Sitting down, watching people by the dozen get shot down, murdered. And in comes a walkin' a beast into it's cave, ready to slay down the first and last victom on it's trail. The girl didn't have a chance, chances were never given. On and on the beast went tearing at her skin, no mercy, no feelings. She couldn't help but want to wish it away, the quiet home was at peace before it came around. Day by day..... the scenery changes, there wasn't a chance... trying was lost with the sun and it's tears. Bullets flew over head, the spiraling could be heard through the box's by which it came.
Go away! Just go away! A burden to the heart, the body, the mind, to the soul!
It's all the same in the beasts cave, a slayer of souls, thats what it is. It's voices is it's only claws, it's only real weapon. The shadows came back, dark and taunting. Out the entrance! Across the many lands before you! Thats where she should go. But no, not going to happen. Too quiet is this girl, no complaints from this girl. Scrub scrub scrub! Thats what she has to do. Thats what she does! Clean clean clean! The music... there is music, away from the filthy water, and there is the music. A small black box type.... it's music, so.... annoying!
Says she.... there is static... she listens.... there is a clear sound... she listens....
"Please take part in our one minute servay....." BEEP.
The voice is gone, pressed the magic key, and away with her voice! That awful womans voice!
On minute.... just one minute.... thats all it takes..... time.... only a minute.... one minute... that takes away..... no it doesn't, it says it's only a minute... Can't die from a minute. But you sure can be attacked in the minute.... clawed... front cave.... back of cave.... cornered.... It's just one minute, please take our.... It's just one minute, one minute...... minute.... one.... time stops.... one.... rather not... one.... minute... one.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Meh first Blogger..... bloggie..... bloggery..... blar!

Mmmk... So I see people a blogging and all that shnaz, and I felt a lil left out, so here I be.... am.... are.... yeah, thats right. Ok, so for my first post.... posty.... poster... I am going to.... psh, like I am really full of energy to think at this moment. Didn't get much sleep lastnight, stayed up kind of late last night watching TV and whatnot, so all and all to say, I slept four hours. You think thats a lot huh peoplez out there eh? Well, I went to bed at four, so no, it's not a lot. So basically I was ready for a nap before I even got to church. Okays..... Me me me me me. I must think about me? Nah, I will think of something else... er... this is hard, I don't know how you all do it. I had this whole thing in my head, but I think it went on a vacation. He he.
Ok, so I will speak a lil' for ya'll. I have been.... iffy. Ready to jump out of a plane and go belly up just to have the thrill to only see the sky and have nothing to do with the ground. I have been thinking, and I know, Sarah shouldn't think, thats bad for her, on many occasions it got me introuble. Like at school, I was being a smartass and said some things to my moronic art teacher. I didn't get in trouble because she is too slow to react. Gosh! I don't like her, at all. She has her favoritism in the class, and it really pisses me off. When she walks by I imagine someone tripping her. Evil huh? Atleast I am not imagening somehow going up to her, slapping her, and saying "Can't you be the cool teacher just once!?" Well, now I can imagin it. Bad Sarah, haha, hehe, I think it for it is there for I amizidid. Yar! My words have a special touch, don't you think? I think so, they really are somethin'. Ok, so now I am going to go on im my mind, and type whatever is there.
So I stand here, in front of those people, their eyes questioning my very thoughts, forging my feelings to erupt in chaos. Chaos, the theory in life. Havic, the birth of Chaos. We do not know what we cannot see, we cannot see what we do not know, we do not know what is there because we are ignorant to the belief that it is there. Sense? Is it there? In these words that flow out of the keyboard? Whoever said you had to make sense to go far in life is an idiot to their own well being. I can walk a road, dark and lonely, shadows casting things that are invisible to the mortal eye. Yet they are there, I do see them, I do indeed. I see it there, infront of my, crouching, waiting, hiding, pondering, planning. ATTACK! Blind, thats what we are blind to the fact it's there. I turn suddenly to those bushes, those bushes that try to hide the beast that is not there, that can not be heared, seen or felt because it has no existance. This walk, what was supposed to calm me down, has brought my heart to an undieing beat of constant out of rhythem flow. Calm, calm. There, there. It's fine, allright, allright, no, no...... Poof! Running, sprinting, loss of all grace in my movement. I turn around to see my imagination get too carried away. Ground... rhythem, fumble, all good, but no touch down. Wait, no touch down. Touch.... down.... ground? there is no ground? Is it gone? No... can't be. I didn't! I did! A cliff. I went over the cliff. not fare, its not fare! I'm falling, falling in complete termoil. The air, once light and feathery upon my face has turned into thorns. Piercing my skin. Burning at my flesh. not at all, not at all. Can't. There is no control. I am at a loss, I am falling and I can't bring myself to grab hold of the thorned air! The thorns, they turn into dust, into feather, in my hand. Falling, falling, Termoil. Abyss. I cannot breath, for I do not exist. I cannot feel the impact on the ground, for I cannot feel. I cannot cry, for there are not feelings to have been felt.
Away with me.
I am the ground, the earth, the sea, the air! Breath me in, for you have a whole life time to fully take me in. I am complex, too much for one to take in all at once. Slow down, slowly take me in. There is no rush. I am a story that needs to be told, but not so soon. It can wait. Just..... inhale.... exhail, take in only a little, understand me, don't rush the thought.
Don't rush the thoughts...
BAM! How was that? I'm good, lol. I know it. I give myself too much credit huh? Ok, I am done with this FIRST, I remind you, post.
~peace out~