Broken Sea Glass

Sunday, February 26, 2006


Ok, so Liz got me a job with her over the weekend working up in Fountainhill, thats the rich, snob country club goer Town. It was all old and retired folk basically, with their sweaters tied aroudn their shoulders, or really high on their waste. They have strollers for their poodles, and mostly single coloures outfits. Kackies are a big thing there, with tan belts and hawaiian shirts. Umbrellas here and there, and dogs tought to prance around with their heads up high. Everyone got along, but their were those complainers, grr them. I ran the drinks:lemonade, pink lemonade, soda; but some people would complain that their bottled drinks wern't cold enough, but they didn't even open them to taste it. Mine didn't feel cold either, but then I opened it up and drank it it sure was cold. Then come elderly woman, sweet looking with thei wide hats to shade their eyes, needed their bottles opened for them. Brittle bones I suppose. I had to touch raw chicken and beef, all I could think of was selimenela(sp?) was all over my pants and arms. For the last two hours this though kept running through my mind and I was trippin out. Well, both today and yesterday I ran an eight hour shift, one fifteen minute break. Today I got paid 80 dollars, five an hour I suppose, plus an extra ten because Liz got paid thirty more then me and I guess she felt bad so she gave me ten. Sure, I felt jipped and in pain from all my lifting and carrying of crates. I was getting annoyed and the boss lady got me in trouble several times with neighboring booths. I was in a taiwanese booth, three grillz to the left, two to the right, so I was pretty well heated up. I wish it was cold, because I had to keep whipeing my forehead with my wrist to keep the sweat out of my eyes. I have always said I would never work in a fast food restruant, now this fullfills my decision. Just two days and I am already sick of egg rolls, chicken on a stick, stir fry, and some sort of rice stuff. I am hurting all over and my butt had missed the comfurts of a chair all day. Well, now that I have updated I am going to complete my homework.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Warning: Post contains brain rot

What have thee!? Lost in a pit of dispare, cornered in like a field rat. My predator infront, attacking is its key, and must I run? Raviged and manged? No, not I. A scalper can't cut thy without an eye flinchin'imself, and a tail hidein' between the cowards legs. Have I not the courage, nye, the worth of livin' as I thus do? Do we not all disapate in our own filth and wrong doins'? Take me now if I really deserve all this blundering. Rid me of this life if it really satisfies thee. Hath I not done what is needed? Ask and I do, no doubt about it. But this torture of a thousand years, give the sun a break I say. We have not done what you mount by, but chances are all a soul has these breaking days.

Ehh, some writing I had to get out of my system. Nothin' fancy, just ill founded and felt a little trapped is all.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Gangstaz in the hood dawg

Been a while since I last updated, so here I am. I am supposed to being doing my homework but I am too lazy and not in the mood right now. Valentines day was just full of eating chocolate, atleast the ones with nuts because I don't like plane chocolate. Actually..... I don't like mostly any chocolate, and I'm not much of a candy person either, I might snack on some here and there of mostly I don't touch the sugary goods. Yesterday Melissa and I went to the movies and saw when a stranger calls, it was really stupid. There were like five junior high chicks screaming at the stupidist moments, which drove me up the wall, and a heavy set chick a seat over from me on the left that talked like there was no tomarrow.That was when my abusive thoughts started comming to mind. Mel was just trippin' out during the movie, its a pg13 movie so they didn't show any blood or guts, even the bodies had no blood or sign of abuse ANYWHERE, which seriously bummed me out. Well, Mel was grabbing my sleeve and arm constantly, I'm not going to lie to you, it hurt like a son daughter. Well, I had fun just because I went with her, I didn't take the movie seriously, it was far from scary, if I would have gone with family I would have been ticked off because you go with family to enjoy the MOVIE, you go with friends(not people you just met) to have FUN even if the movie wasn't all that good. I have my thoughts on movies, I am literally the shsher with friends and family friends, I am a real shushaholic. But I tell you what, I have yet to shush anyone more then my mom and SheShe, lol. They just talk about things I don't really care about(no offence) like the culture in the movie, what really "happened" in thier past that they didn't show in the movie. Lets just say that with my mom and sheesh, you get to know the people in the movies like they were in your life all along. Its too funny, even though I get so frustrated (I said it right mentally and spelt it right for yeh sheesh) Well, This post is making me wander from thoughts of actually writing it. Gargle, gurgle.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Cannibalizm 101

The past couple of dats dear slim here has been doing pretty good. Trying to be more social, it really does put me in a better mood, but some people just make you feel like an idiot when you talk. Like for instance, today I after school I was hanging out with this girl names Vanessa, her mom gives me a ride home after school so I don't have to walk anymore. Well, I was hanging out with vanessa and her friends since her mom coems like twenty minutes late almost every. Maybe more like 15 minutes late.... anyway, a ride is a ride. Well, I was talking with some girl named Suzena and I really didn't pay much attention to the other guys name. well they had said something and I do my little wize crack and they looked at me like I had said soemthing so stupid it was torturious. Then I remembered who I was talking, a rich blonde girl that doesn't get the easiest jokes, and a guy I had only seen once before but didn't talk to. Well, I felt like an idiot with their stareing so I turned away from them and their silence and turned to some other people's conversation, I didn't know these other people either. Basically, I know like twelve people that are good friends at this school, and they all ride the bus. Then I met Vanessa, but when she notices I am left out of the conversation she will bring me in, and when I disapear to get a drink she is worried about where I am. She is sweet, hopefully I will get to know her better, she seems like a pretty cool person. I have been studying for a history test that was supposed to be today but my history teacher didn't have time to make it so we will have it tomarrow. I don't think I will do that poorly on it, just not all that well either. haha. Er.... yeah, I think I have been feeling like an idiot more and more lately, people are just not getting how I am. In art when I say soemthing people will look at me funny, laugh, and shake their heads saying "This is comming from Amy, what do you expect." I am getting so used to being called Amy that I don't hesitate when they say it. Even sometimes when I send emails I will sign as Sarah~GrandmaRose~Amy
I sign as all of those at once because I guess I am different personalities and each name fits it. A friend told me that and set each name to a personality I have. Veyr sway.
Ok, that reminds me that I have been delaying for a few days in sending a friend of mine a email.
So I should be going.